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Black and White Buddha Wall Art 3 Pcs Canvas Print

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Size (Inch):30x60cmx3
Style:No Frame

In Feng Shui, hanging a Buddha Painting in your home helps bringing positive energies. Calm energy in your home will bring a sense of balance into your life. Buddha Feng Shui has a calming yin energy that balances the active yang energy of a hectic lifestyle. Buddha Feng Shui focuses on creating a peaceful Chi energy by using images of the calm and loving Buddha. 

Bring positive energies and wisdom into your home with this modern black and white Buddha wall art canvas print. Three sizes to choose from : 

size 1: 20x40cm x 3

size 2: 30x60cm x 3

size 3: 40x80cm x 3

This canvas is unframed. Each piece has a 4 cm white band on the sides so that you can easily frame them yourself. All canvas are HD Prints. 

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