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Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Buddhist Lucky Bracelet

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This splendid Buddhist Red Lucky String Bracelet is handmade with high quality wax rope and 925 Sterling Silver beads. It is charged through Buddhist protective blessing ritual. This bracelet is handmade by Tibetan Buddhists who believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig (the Bodhisattva of Compassion; or the embodiment of compassion). This mantra is dedicated to bring protection, love and compassion.

The beads and pendants are hand-carved in genuine 925 Sterling Silver. 925 Sterling Silver beads are 0.5 cm  x 0.8 cm. Length is adjustable.

Did you know?

In Buddhism, the color red holds tremendous significance. It is a symbol that impacts one’s life and sustenance of the same. It takes care of the life force and compassion. Red also represents fearlessness, courage and bravery. It rules the tongue portion of the body. Wearing the red string is a reminder that one must show compassion to all. Often, it will be given to friends and loved ones in hopes of expressing love, wishes of good luck, and protection.