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Our passion? Innerpeace, gemstones and jewelry! Our goal? Finding the most beautiful spiritual jewelry and home decoration around the world just for you.

We want to help others find a deeper connection and balance between the mind, body, and spirit. We created Free Spirit Shop as a way to help people along their journey to finding inner peace. 

We strongly believe in Lithotherapy or healing with precious stones. If we consider that we are made of energy and that thoughts and feelings are also forms of energy, we can conclude that maintaining a balance in our energy field is fundamental for good health.

When wearing or carrying natural healing gemstones, their energies radiate in all directions, penetrating our body and energetic field. There, the gems work on neutralizing the energetic blockages that limit positive growth. They help removing and treating the tensions, emotional blockages, and negative energies that are stagnant and accumulated in the body. The gemstones’ energies help uplift and nourish all aspects of our being to energize and inspire us, enhance our health, and make enduring changes.

This is why we have decided to reinvent Crystal Fashion! 

We are committed to find and create the most beautiful natural stone and spiritual jewelry in the world, so that everyone of our customers can carry the power of stones at all time and benefit from their energy. Our designs are fully designed in-house, and handmade by our wonderful network of artisans and suppliers. 

We are glad you've found our store! Feel free to contact us via Facebook, Instagram or by email at contact@free-spirit-shop.com

Be Free, Be Happy, Don't Be Sorry! ❤️

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