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Irregular Amazonite Gemstone Circle Earrings Jewelry >

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Irregular Amazonite Gemstone Circle Earrings

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These beautiful circle earrings are handmade with natural irregular Amazonite gemstones. Length is around 5 cm.  

Amazonite is a captivating mint green to aqua blue gemstone that is often associated with several benefits. Known for its soothing properties, amazonite is believed to calm the mind and dispel negative energy. It is thought to enhance communication, making it easier to express thoughts and feelings with clarity. Many also use amazonite for its potential to balance emotions and alleviate anxiety, promoting a sense of inner peace.


Size Guide

Bracelets come in many different sizes and shapes and are a lovely addition to your jewelry collection. When it comes to choosing a bracelet, it is key to make sure that the sizing is just the right fit. The best way to do this is to measure your wrist size. You can use one of the two methods below to do this.

Option 1: With a measuring tape

- Make sure the palm of your hand is facing up
- Open your hand (doing so will ensure you get the real size of your wrist when it’s the largest)
- Snuggly wrap a measuring tape around your wrist
- Read the size on the measuring tape, preferably in inches or centimeters

Option 2: With a piece of paper or string

If you do not have a measuring tape, your piece of paper or string can function pretty much the same way. Wrap the paper or string around your wrist and mark with a pen or marker where the two pieces overlap. Then take your piece of paper or string and measure mark to mark on your ruler.

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